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Mental health conditions such as generalized anxiety and depression affect more Americans than heart disease or car accidents. MentalHealthRehabs.com is an online resource that connects individuals who are struggling with their mental health to resources that can help.

If you are concerned about the mental health of yourself or someone you care about, the professionals and organizations listed on this website may be able to help you overcome your situation.

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Prescription Medication for Managing Anxiety

Affecting nearly one out of every five Americans, anxiety disorders are the most common type of mental illness in the United States. Characterized by debilitating symptoms of panic, fear, and stress, it’s no surprise that anti-anxiety medications have become some of...

How long do panic attacks last?

Our minds have this incredibly interesting ability to distort our perception of time. There are instances where the hours seem to fly by, like when you have a busy day at work. Contrastly, there are times where the minutes just seem to tick by slower than a tortoise...

Am I having a panic attack?

Until you have had your first panic attack, it is impossible to fully understand what it feels like. Everyone has likely asked themselves at some point or another “Am I having a panic attack?” While it might just be some heartburn, more than 20% of adults do...